Private & Corporate Instruction

Private Instruction

Clients receive an individualized Yoga practice that addresses specific muscular disorders, pain management and overall health and wellness. 

Private instruction is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. With one-on-one attention, you can work towards a specific goal and learn ways to build your practice based on your specific needs.

Beginners will be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga (postures, breath, philosophy) and can ask questions, break down postures and receive explicit alignment instructions. For those wanting to advance your practice, you will receive my undivided attention as you explore postures, overcoming any roadblocks, going deeper than possible in a public class.


Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga is being embraced by many progressive businesses and is a great benefit. I offer a range of practices from slow and meditative to energizing and active. I will get to know your staff and find out the type of practice most needed.  Yoga provides the benefits of relaxation/stress management training and fitness. Together, this will have a powerful impact on overall culture, performance and costs. 

Benefits Include:

• Lower healthcare costs and decrease the frequency & duration of absenteeism
• Increase efficiency, productivity & creativity
• Improve focus under deadline
• Improve mindset, morale and loyalty
• Enhance employee strength, posture and health & decrease chronic pain
• Decrease employee fatigue & back pain
• Decrease employee disease risk factors


I offer a range of practices, from gentle to active. I can quickly determine the most appropriate offerings for your demographic:

Class Duration: 55-minutes, can be modified to suit needs
One-time Event: $150
*8-Week or 10-Week Programs Per Class:
1x weekly = $125, 2 x weekly = $220, 3 x weekly = $300

*For up to 10 people. Each additional participant is $8.

Absolute Beginner’s Workshop
This on-site, hands-on interactive workshop teaches the fundamentals of Yoga, including basic postures, alignment, adaptations, breathing exercises, the concept of 'flow' or 'Vinyasa,' and meditation. No experience is necessary.

Class Duration: Once a week for 4-weeks, 55-minutes per session, can be modified to suit your needs
*4-week program for up to 10 people : $500

*For up to 10 people. Each additional participant is $32

Lunchtime Wellness Clinics
In addition to on-site classes and beginners’ workshops, I also offer a series of 45-minute lunchtime wellness clinics, from desk-side Yoga to stress-management to headache and back-relief and can create custom lifestyle experiences from 30-minutes to 10-day executive retreats.  Contact me for rates.