Mentorship Program

**there is currently a waitlist for mentorship - please contact me to be added**

Proficiency in asana instruction and darmah talks are not the only skills of effective Yoga teachers.  An effective Yoga teacher has a wisdom from inside their own skin that emanates because of its inherent truth. They are true to their word, honest and honors their personal experience while facilitating the varied experiences of their students. They provide as safe a space as possible for students physically. They honor their own boundaries and limitations. They keep diving, growing. But where do we begin? What is the ground of this capacity? What needs developing for all this to shine through?



1) Complete the application below.

2) After I read your response, I will contact you to schedule a complementary 15-30 min phone interview so we can get to know one another. You can tell me exactly what you want to work on and I can determine if I am your missing shoe.

3) If we feel we’re a fit and it will be of benefit for us to work together, I will send you an invoice and we can schedule our first meeting.

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