Teacher Training Weekends with Jonathan Ellis




I take pride in offering weekend modules for both 200 hour and 300 hour schools. Over the years, I have helped educate some outstanding teachers. I am all about cultivating intelligent individuals and prompting students to create a practice of inquiry. Traditions that have served us well in the past are being rewritten to better serve us in the future and the awareness the practice provides lives within.  

I embrace innovation and am constantly evolving. This is one of my strengths. Besides giving students a firm education in the physical arts, I am always challenging them to think outside the box.

My training modules range from 1-day formats to intensive weekend trainings. All content is certified to a high level and recognised by the Yoga Alliance for Continuing Education Credits.

Awareness * Mobility * Strength

Please contact me if you have any questions: info@jonathanyoga.net

What are Jonathan’s students saying?

I am a physical therapist by profession, and I was very impressed with Jonathan’s knowledge base, as well as his ability to articulate and apply that knowledge. It is obvious that he has found his niche and does a wonderful job helping many people with different abilities.
— Michelle L., Tennessee
It was great to witness Jonathan’s strength in arm balance poses. But when he talked about receiving referrals from health care providers pre + post surgery, I sense he’s not trying to get people to do Yoga, but rather to experience the breath, mind body awareness. I am in awe!
— Erin C., Florida
I appreciated how open Jonathan was when it came to the business of Yoga. I feel like it can be such a taboo topic in the Yoga world but also a necessary one if you plan to teach. I appreciate him being honest in how he makes things work with his own business and giving us so much practical information on how to run a private yoga business, too. It’s not everyday someone is so willing to share their experience on a deep level.
— Kat K., Tennessee
Jonathan is impeccable with his words. When he says something, you can be sure he has put a lot of thought into it and that he means it. He is genuine, humble, and self aware enough to know both his strengths and weaknesses. He does not unnecessarily talk about other teachers or linages. it is obvious that his primary goals are to grow, heal, and help others do the same.
— Jennifer B., Georgia
Jonathan’s knowledge about anatomy of the body is fascinating. The modifications he suggested throughout the weekend were brilliant and easily obtainable for both student and teacher.
— McKinsi L., Tennessee
Jonathan shared an in-depth holistic knowledge about anatomy and the way our body can move and stack comfortably without causing harm. His ability to deliver point by point with direct focus keeping the entire group on task without rigidity was truly artful.
— Kate M., Alabama
Hearing about someone that went through a unique path is so influential to a budding student and teacher. Jonathan was open and honest in a way that no other teacher was during our teacher training. Whether it be about how he structured his classes, how he found yoga, his daily motivation, knowledge and general awareness - he told us how he saw it, answered our questions frankly, and let us draw our own conclusions. This is so important as an educator. It was also so incredibly interesting to see him recognize needs and adapting. His weekend felt different. It is also the weekend I discovered I wanted to learn anatomy and go back to school for Physical Therapy.
— Jaden R., Tennessee
Jonathan seems grounded in his own experience and is able to address complex questions. He is honest when he does not know the answer. He is light hearted, happy, creating an environment of open search and yet keeping to the point.
— Richard G., Tennessee